i’m KB.

Born in the Midwest + experiencing human existence presently on the West Coast. I’m attracted by coalescing shapes into patterns, resulting in rhythms of energetic frequency. Day to day, you’ll find me in my minimally designed studio writing, creating + drinking lots of tea with my Goldendoodle, “Poppy”.

early on

Often at times distracted by the simplest of shapes + shadows as a young child, I always saw what was beyond the physical plane. The movement + soul of each object in front of my eyes had a rhythmic motion that expressed much more than a tangible object. The eternal frequency of how it made one “feel” was the true meaning behind its existence.

// At first I did doodles, sketches + “art-scaping” for personal therapeutic relief.


Bringing “visions” to reality through the barometer of frequency sensed through shape, emotion + personal intuitive insight. Opening up consciousness towards a higher capacity of a meditative force through artwork is my essence as is the poetic flow of “chiaroscuro” : the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition.

// Now, I create + cultivate custom + commissioned pieces that flow + harmonize lifestyle spaces for the community near + abroad. I hope to create something meditatively captivating for your sacred space.